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Landscape Design & Installation Specialists Houston, Texas

Landscape design and installation

Plan It Landscaping provides exceptional landscape design and installation services. Our entire team is highly trained and experienced in delivering a perfect and appealing landscape design to your outdoor spaces and know very well how to convert your yard into paradise.

We use our original and innovative landscape ideas, plan the right design that will enhance your environment, map out each element of your existing landscape and finally put all our planning into action by installing ideal landscape design just as how you propose and want.

To satisfy your needs and demands, we offer several landscape designs and outdoor living design formats. You would easily visualize your project during our planning phase. Our designers accurately plan and customize your design that will rightly match your garden and exterior spaces.

Whether you want to have a full evergreen landscape, desert landscape, a rock garden, butterfly garden or retaining walls landscape or any other design, we provide you all. All the same, we also give special attention on utilizing sustainable methods, water-saving ways and natural plants and stones practices.

We incorporate every variable in our planning and examining process from moisture and soil conditions to irrigation availability to drainage issues and allergy problems. We make sure that all your budget concerns will also be properly dealt. 

Moreover, we also help you make right decision and advice you on your design choices so that your yard turns out more beautiful that you have expected.

Sale of plants and landscape products

Our professional landscape services also include excellent plantation services. Our designers and landscaping specialists provide you accurate suggestions and wonderful ideas for your trees and plants choices. With our proper design techniques and years of experience in plantation, we help you use your exterior spaces aptly and beautifully.

We care about all the soil, light and moisture conditions, planting process, water system, and maintenance measures so that you will be able to look after your landscape conveniently after project completion. Our process begins with an in-depth inspection of your planting areas and yard’s spaces. We, then place your new and chosen trees in the perfect spot. We make sure that the placement of trees are correctly done so that they will thrive better and quicker in your new living areas. We offer various types of trees including palm trees and other specimen sized trees. To embellish your property, we select best plant palette, finest trees and high-end accessories in your landscaping project.

Our designers have extensive experience in this area and they are trained to offer wide range of landscape designs from Mediterranean to low-water to tropical oasis and many more. They advise and help you from the beginning of the project till the end to make your yards and lawn not only beautiful but also functional for the long run.

Landscape design and installation

We also sell best, fastest growing and evergreen trees and plants. Our trees collection ranges from palm trees to eastern redbud to red oak and many more. We provide top trees that transform your backyards, front yards and lawns into spectacular spaces. We ensure that you get right trees according to your yards spaces and landscaping needs.

Our advices in selecting best trees depend on number of factors like your climate conditions, the orientation of your landscape, the space available in your yard and your own preferences. We provide you good options like dogwoods and weeping cheery trees for small spaces, red maples and pin oaks for better shade and sugar maple and black tupelo if you want dazzling fall foliage in your front yard.

Additionally, we sell several landscape products and supplies to our customers for the care and maintenance of their landscape installation. These include tree and plant health maximizers, soil conditioners, palm supplements, desert juice etc.   

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